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apartment series # 4

Mattress Factory
June 5 – 29, 2004

During his Residency at the Mattress Factory in 2003 – 2004, Jeremy Boyle occupied A Bed Sitting Room for an Artist in Residence,designed by Allan Wexler in 1988, and established a working studio in the same building.

“While in residence, I had the idea to curate a series of exhibitions for the Wexler apartment. I considered artists in many ways, and groupings of their work explored and articulated complex aspects of the space. I was particularly interested in artists who were exploring boundaries and definitions of private and public space – the domestic, the institution. What defines the places we live ? What is ownership ? occupancy? privacy?”

– Jeremy Boyle: unpublished comments regarding the project.

Apartment series # 4 included works by Julia Fish, Michelle Grabner and Elizabeth Saveri.