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View – Julia Fish, Selected Paintings and Drawings, 1985 – 1995

The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago
January 14 – February 25, 1996
Madison Art Center
March 3 – May 12, 1996

“For those of us who grew up being told that it is not nice to stare, Fish’s work is a welcome indulgence. While paintings are fundamentally about looking, there is a distinction to be made between looking as a means of gathering information and looking as a form of reflection and contemplation. Fish’s work offers the latter by treating the most humble subject matter with an astounding degree of observation. Fish’s subtly attenuated vision extracts an essence which transcends the realm of immediate appearances. Abstract phenomena are not only inherent to reality but essential to clarifying our understanding of reality through painted representation.”

Excerpt from the catalogue Acknowledgements:
Susanne Ghez Executive Director,
The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago ©1996