Julia Fish

On Painting:


A few years ago I made a decision to paint one painting at a time. And a natural thing happened: each painting became part of real time and what I painted – the nameable subject – grew to reflect that link, and was forever attached to the particular events that affected me or what I saw in that place, that weather, that season, that time.


In my paintings I seek to establish a visual language in which the final painted surface holds abstraction and reference in a state of intense equilibrium, both in terms of meaning and form.

With each painting I attempt to reconcile a singular response to an aspect of Nature – something quite simply seen — something is memorable and requires a second look. Living within an urban setting, my work has grown to reflect the isolated framing of the natural world; and I find through developing each painting a parallel process of selection and reduction, in which the image is shifted towards an essential, clarified form.